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Shri Guru Swamy Moorthy was born in Malaysia. He was brought up learning and understanding the essence of praying and practicing religious rituals. His keen interest in spiritual peace has brought him very close to Lord Murugan. He worked as a priest in Malaysia and was well known for his forte the ‘Poomala Pooja’ (Flower garland prayer service). He is a multi-faceted individual. Some of his skills include Singing, Playing acoustic instrument called ‘Nadaswaram’ (a double reed wind instrument), Astrology, Prayer healing and Meditation sessions.


The idea of the establishing a spiritual centre was born when Shri Guru Swamy Moorthy was blessed by both Lord Shiva and Ayyappa. It is this duo who guided and held Shri Guru Swamy Moorthy's hand and heaved him out of his misery and pain during his stay in London. With their guidance and blessings Shri Guru Swamy Moorthy gathered strength and courage to build a prayer place for himself and opened the doors to all who were seeking spiritual peace and success in life. Soon people started pouring in and treated this place as a pilgrimage and no less than a temple. However, due to some legal complications this place had to be closed. Shri Guru Swamy Moorthy did not stop believing in Lord Shiva and Ayyappa and completely trusted and left the situation to them. Within few days of this incident, Shri Guru Swamy Moorthy found another suitable place which was apt to re-establish the praying place. As the saying goes if you are firm and determined for a noble work then the whole universe will work towards achieving the impossible. The existing new praying place has been established successfully in 2014 and still running uninterruptedly.


The main objective of this place is to be a focal point for worship, prayer, education, community and family life within the precepts of Hinduism and in the traditional role of Ayyappa swami’s blessings.


Shri Guru Swamy Moorthy in his deep meditation.

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“You are never alone. You are eternally connected with everyone.”

― Amit Ray, Meditation: Insights and Inspirations